Candice 4 South West

My aspirations for the South West

For London South West, I want to see all our communities thriving

For all communities in the south west to thrive, I believe London decision making should bear the marks of our Labour principles of fairness, socialism, restoration, generosity and ambition.

In Education and Youth, I want: A better offer for all of our under 5’s, more options and better support for post 16’s, including apprenticeships and secure job opportunities and meaningful investment in our youth services.

In Health, I want: Vulnerable groups such as the elderly, disabled people, the lonely and isolated to be supported to access our great community assets. I want mental health equity and parity with physical health.

In Policing and Crime, I want: Young people to have greater confidence in the police and authority figures to keep them safe. I want older people and vulnerable groups feeling safer on our streets too.

For the Environment, I want: Ambitious action from Hounslow, Richmond & Kingston Council. Cleaner and greener spaces, improved air quality and for people enabled to walk and cycle more.

In Transport, I want: An affordable, reliable, improved frequency and better-connected network.

For Arts & Culture, I want: Access for all to our wonderful arts and culture in London South West. Opportunities for all parts of our community to get creative.

I believe that tackling inequality is the key to seeing all in the South West prosper. I am hugely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given in my own life and recognise my privilege. I don’t think anyone should be held back based on where they come from, their ethnicity or nationality, their sexuality, disability, sex or gender. I celebrate diversity and champion inclusion.