Candice 4 South West

Surviving Covid: the recovery women need



This is the video (see link below) from a fantastic event that I organised with awesome Labour Women across the South West in February.

It was a privilege to chair the event and hear from incredible women sharing their experiences, knowledge, analysis and advice.

Here are the demands that came from the meeting, we have shared these demands with Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities


1. Instruct employers to offer shared furlough and paid leave for any further school closures
2. Introduce family financial support during any further school closure (so who returns to work not based on gender pay gap)
3. Increase child benefit and removing the two child cap
4. Increase Statutory Sick Pay
5. Retain £20 uplift on Universal Credit, extending it to Carer’s Allowance and retaining it for young claimants of Job Seeker’s Allowance
6. Increase funding and support for Mother and Baby Units
7. Introduce pay rise for all public sector workers and mandatory support, such as counselling
8. Invest in care-led and green-led recovery to create new, sustainable jobs for women
9.  Increase investment in mental health support for young people
10. Reverse legislation that penalises migrant women and give them access to benefits.


Surviving COVID: the recovery women need