Candice 4 South West

Time to kick start my campaign!

It’s been a long time since I posted here. The global pandemic, as well as wreaking havoc and destruction across the world, causing immense grief and suffering for so many people and placing our economy and people’s livelihoods at great risk, has also led to the May 2020 Mayoral and London Elections being postponed until May 2021.

This was obviously disappointing for me as Labour’s Candidate for South West but my concern has been much more focused on the needs of my constituents and my community, and I have been particularly concerned about those most vulnerable to the crisis.

As lead member of Health and Public Health at Hounslow Council, I have been very involved in our response to the crisis as well as the  recovery. I’ve been hugely proud of the council and wider community effort to help and support residents, particularly those who have been shielding and families who struggling with income loss and all the issues that arise with children having to be at home.

I have had the pleasure over the past few months to be involved in a number of online events as the South West Labour Councillor including.

  • 4 ‘Labour Listens’ zoom events for Brentford and Isleworth residents
  • A Black Lives Matter zoom event organised by Kingston & Surbiton constituency Labour Party
  • A London Labour Event on the Impact of the Merger between the Department for International Development and the Foreign Office
  • An all members meeting of Twickenham Constituency Labour Party
  • An Open Labour Event on Rebuilding Local Government after Austerity
  • A Labour Women’s Network (LWN) event called Be #21Ready – How does Labour Smash Super Thursday with an amazing line up of Labour Women!

I am also very proud to have been involved in helping set up a Labour LGBT+ online support group that was born out of the pandemic and issues that the LGBT+ community are specifically facing.

At the council I have been proud to sit on a committee that is looking specifically at the impact the pandemic is having on the wellbeing of children and adults and build an action plan for  recovery through this lens. I have also had the pleasure of sitting on a committee that is looking into the racial inequality highlighted by the pandemic and also in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

This Saturday I am joining Twickenham Labour members to encourage them to consider being Councillors and explain what it entails.

Finally I did my first podcast for Last Night I Dreamt, a jewellery shop owned by a resident who takes her social responsibility seriously and wanted to start a conversation about #blacklivesmatter in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The theme was ‘Love’, as I really believe ‘Love is the Answer’ and I was gifted a beautiful Love Necklace from the shop.

As long as it is safe and the guidelines and rules allow, I will be getting out and about physically this autumn, meeting residents and community groups in the South West Constituency. I hope to get the opportunity to connect with local people and listen to emerging needs and concerns.

Please email me if you would like to connect.