Candice 4 South West

Vote for me

I am delighted to have been selected to be Labour’s South West London Assembly candidate.

I am now seeking your vote in the ballot!

I have lived in Hounslow for 16 years and have served the community as a volunteer, a professional and since 2014 the elected member for Hanworth Ward in Hounslow. I spend a lot of time in Kingston and Richmond enjoying the local parks and shopping in the town centres. I have previously worked for The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames and my children are part of Kingston’s Youth Dance community. The children centre’s in the South West were a huge benefit to me when my children were very young and they are now in schools in Hounslow and Richmond.

I got involved in local politics because I wanted to have a greater impact in my community. My professional background is in public health, community development and youth justice. With over 15 years of living alongside and working with people that I desperately wanted to see change for, I embraced the analogy of not just pulling people out of the river to stop them drowning but going upstream to see what was going on, who was throwing them in the river in the first place and I decided to try and be part of tackling the root issues. I would love the opportunity to extend my influence and feel I have something unique to bring. My experience of living, working, raising children in the south west and more recently my role in local public life has provided a great foundation for being the South West Assembly Member candidate.

I would be so grateful if you can put your trust in me and vote Candice Atterton for London Assembly Member for South West

Please put the X in the box for me.

Polling day is 7th May 2020

you can apply for an early vote by post by checking out this link

Thanks in advance,

Candice Atterton